Fixer Upper Fun! Waco, Texas!

Wow, what a fun birthday present… A trip to Waco, Texas to visit Magnolia Market of  HGTV “Fixer Upper” fame.  Thank you to my daughter for an awesome trip…come along with us and see how cool it is there! (Not temperature wise but in every other way!) It is “wandering” a bit far from Sonoma County…but worth it! I had to share!

Right in downtown Waco, Magnolia Market is a great destination for family fun! First stop, The Silos Baking Co. for amazing treats…the Almond Carre pastry is truly amazing and the Cinnamon Roll was wonderful! Next time I’m in for cupcakes and every other yummy thing they sell as well….so good! We went very early right as they opened on a weekday and had no lines…a little later it was crazy busy!

Next up the Magnolia Market building…full of JoJo’s clean style home decor….I may have ordered a huge “Fresh Flower” sign…a must have for a flower gardener right? And, of course, I had to get us each a small framed magnolia blossom drawing as a special memento!

After eating and shopping the central “playground” area is a fun place to relax, people watch, swing and, if you’re still hungry, it’s full of specialty food trucks! (I had a video to post for you, but apparently since I don’t own the lovely Christian song they had playing there when I made the video, I can’t post it…sorry…).

Now on to the main reason for our trip! A gorgeous, brick,  3-4 bedroom home in Waco runs about $350,000.00 as opposed to one here in Calif. for $600,00.00 and up! We drove through Waco, McGregor and Woodway to see if  the homes were as nice as they appear on TV. Tree lined streets, lovely homes, yep…just like the show! (Brain dead from the heat I didn’t get any good photos but you can get the idea from this grab out the car window!)

Young people are moving out of California in droves and my Millennial daughter and son-in-law would like to be among them so they can afford a house! Hence the birthday trip to a truly affordable place she knew I’d love to see and where she could afford to live! (And they have three granddaughters we can’t live without!)

Number one question for me is always, “Can I garden with the plants I love there”? Magnolia Market just happens to have the Magnolia Seed and Supply shop with a huge garden surrounding it! I saw more I loved there than I did at the Dallas Arboretum! (Poor thing, I even made her take me to a Lowe’s to check the plants they had for sale!) While most of what I love can grow in Texas, hydrangeas and dahlias (my favorites) don’t seem to fare very well in the heat and sadly, neither did I…it is really hot and humid…perhaps one adapts? Just look at all they grow at the Magnolia See and Supply though:

We had such a great morning at Magnolia followed by antique shopping in the surrounding area ( The Findery is great!) and a drive by some of the spots made famous by the show like the Magnolia B&B and Harp Design Co. We also walked along the Brazos River with its many bridges and drank our share of Sweet Tea.

Our last stop was a visit to Common Grounds Coffee Shop. On one episode of Fixer Upper they featured the young couple who owns the shop . It sounded great and it was! (Dr. Pepper, Vanilla Creme and Raspberry syrup is Good! (Too hot for coffee for me that day!)

All in all, if it weren’t for the (to me,) extremely hot and humid weather, I’d move in a minute! The people are amazing in Waco. Seriously, I had a lovely young woman quietly approach me in a restaurant to whisper, “Mam ya’ll have your skirt stuck up in your underwear”….and she didn’t even laugh…and neither did her group of  her college age friends! She just truly wanted to save me from embarrassment…it was really sweet. Embarrassing for me, but sweet!

If you travel  to some states and say you might move there, locals can get nasty….here at Magnolia the lady working at the Seed shop welcomed us with open arms..”Ya’ll should move here…we have lots of room in Texas and we’d love to have you”! Now that was unexpected. When people in Waco ask, ” how are ya’ll doing today” they wait politely for an answer – they actually care! A little hard to believe when you’re from California where everyone is in a rush all the time!

If you go, you must drive through the Baylor University campus…it is gorgeous!

And if you need a place to stay check out the lovely Airbnb where we stayed…Pecan was so “Fixer Upper” style perfect!

If you want to go and have any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll tell you what I know! If you’ve been and have a suggestion, that would be fun too!

For information on Magnolia Market:

For the best little Airbnb in Waco:

For a family trip, or a girls weekend away, Waco is the place to stay!

Just discovered a great blog Moms Blog about Waco with really good tips for a trip there! check it out:




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