Wander to Portland! Just a Quick Flight Away!

Well what is this…Portland? While it’s not in wine country, with the Charles M. Schultz airport right here in town, a round trip fare on Alaska air is often under $300.00 and Portland makes a great quick trip!

While there are many wonderful reasons to visit Portland, my trip this time was to meet my dad for his 91st birthday! My sister and I told him to plan whatever he wanted to do and we would be there to enjoy the day!

He started the day by renting bicycles for all three of us so we could ride 8 miles along the Willamette River and over a couple of bridges! Can you believe I trailed way behind him for the entire ride. He is amazing! The young gal at the bike shop was so surprised he was turning 91 that day she gave him his rental bike without charge! If you run up to Portland for a few days away, definitely rent bikes in downtown Portland….it’s great!

The biggest draw for me is Powell’s Books! This bookstore is three stories high and fills an entire city block! They have new and ¬†used books, magazines, gifts and sections on every subject imaginable! Honestly, I could get lost in there for a full day….

..but since it was dad’s day I grabbed a few mysteries for me , a few horse books for my little granddaughter, and was ready to leave in under an hour!

Just a few miles from downtown Portland is a gorgeous  garden! Serene, beautiful, colorful and truly amazing, Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden is worth a stop for every plant and garden lover!

The garden includes waterfalls, colorful blooms, grassy areas, ducks, and benches to stop and enjoy it all .Definitely worth a side trip!

After lunch at Deschutes Brewery , one of Portland’s many micro breweries, we squeezed in one more garden….and it was lovely!

Yep…still chasing him…even up a hill!

Portland also has a spectacular Rose garden across the street from the Japanese Garden in Washington Park but it was a bit early for blooms when we were there in May.

The weather is mild, there are tons of things to do and with flights right out of Santa Rosa…Portland is now just a “wandering” away!


Just an FYI: While I usually carry a Canon camera and multiple lenses, this time I carried only my iPhone 6s. While I probably won’t rely on a cell phone camera for all my images again, with a little Photoshop tweaking the images at least recorded the sights! It was kind of nice not having all that gear to lug around!

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