Wine Country…Perfect for a Sunday Drive

IMG_5766When I was young my grandparents  loved to take my brother and I on Sunday afternoon drives out in the country. Though I complained, because where they lived in the central valley was so hot, I secretly loved those drives. Even as a kid I was fascinated by the  old barns, vineyards, orchards and quaint farm houses. Today, now the same age my grandparents were in those days, I love nothing more than meandering out in wine country going down country roads, no set plan in mind! Recently I took off, camera in hand and headed out River Road to Slusser Road to check on some gorgeous magnolias that bloom there in the spring.IMG_5748 IMG_5755 IMG_5744 IMG_5745I’ve been driving there for a few  years just to visit these trees and they never disappoint! Across the street stands the “Slusser Barn”…a little more aged year by year..IMG_5765Part of the beauty is the way the magnolias are interspersed with yellow shrubs, each creating a colorful backdrop for the other:IMG_5762 IMG_5760 IMG_5759 IMG_5756 From here I thought about the Alexander Valley and how beautiful it would be this time of year so back to Hwy. 101 and North! Driving along the roads out there barns abound!IMG_5797And the hills are covered in flowers …IMG_5787 IMG_5794Having a granddaughter who is crazy about horses, I had to stop and capture a few shots of this guy out standing in a field of flowers!IMG_5782 IMG_5779 IMG_5778 IMG_5776Next  I caught sight of the sign to Dry Creek Road and decided to drive out a few miles to explore. So glad I did…I’d forgotten about this wonderful old one lane bridge!IMG_5811 IMG_5831 IMG_5815I stood so long waiting for a photo without cars this guy began to think I was road kill and flew over numerous times before he landed close by to check things out!IMG_5825Out and about for three hours I was out of coffee and ready for lunch so after checking out a few of my favorite “vineyard fans” it was back to the freeway and home.  We are so lucky to live where you can take off driving in literally any direction and see this much beauty!IMG_5802


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