Ninth Street Egrets Revisited!

A few years ago  I became obsessed with the Ninth Street Egrets! Recently I realized I haven’t driven down Ninth Street for quite a while and since it’s spring it seemed a good time to revisit and see how many egrets still hang out in the neighborhood trees. They’re still there and still fun to watch! IMG_5849cropThey congregate in four main trees and make a terrible mess on the sidewalk and street which I understand the neighbors still don’t appreciate! It only takes a wait of a few minutes to see birds with a three foot wing span swoop down from the sky with a branch or two to add to a nest.IMG_5850It’s common to see a lone bird perched high and simply gazing around or two snuggled together like babies in a nest.IMG_5863 IMG_5837Take off and landings are my favorite but watching everything they do is fun!IMG_5862 IMG_5857 IMG_5849crop IMG_5846If you live in or near Santa Rosa it’s worth the trip to check out Ninth Street just off Stony Point Road to see these wonderful birds. Their soft calls and lacy feathers are a special treat and a nice way to connect with nature in the middle of the city!IMG_5853


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