Livermore Valley…The “Other” Wine Country!

Living in the center of Sonoma County, right in the middle of wine country, I didn’t know there was another wine country an hour and a half away! Invited to spend the weekend with my niece and her new husband we took off early on a Saturday morning.

After a nice visit, we headed out to explore “the other wine country”! First stop, the beautiful Concannon Vineyards for lunch on the patio-really nice!



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After lunch you can walk around the garden and out to see the beautifully restored Victorian house on the property…

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Next we visited a winery called “3 Steves”. Founded and run by three men who all left the corporate world to open their own winery, and who all share the name Steve…really! Not only was the weather perfect for relaxing on the patio, but we received quite an education on different kinds of wine! There’s something special about visiting with the owners while learning about the making of the wine you’re tasting.

IMG_3986adj IMG_3983adj IMG_3987adj

Admiring a photo on the winery wall, it was fun to find out it was taken by my niece…with her cell phone! It’s beautiful…just shows you it’s the photographer and not the camera that makes a fine photo!


As we left 3 Steves the sun was getting nearly low enough in the sky for good photography so we drove all around through the vineyards stopping to photograph the country side…not missing Alden Nursery, a truly beautiful garden center…

IMG_4002adjjpg IMG_4000adj IMG_3999adj IMG_3997adj IMG_3996adj IMG_3992adj

Evening sun is wonderful for making vineyard images…

IMG_4036adj IMG_4025adj IMG_4019adj IMG_4016adj IMG_4008adj IMG_4003adj

After a great dinner we mapped out our photo trip for sunrise the next morning. The two best times of day for vineyard photography are right at sunrise or sunset so we were off by 6:30 a.m. to find whatever presented itself in front of the lense in this beautiful light. The Livermore valley has much to offer besides vineyards, including old barns, parks and gorgeous neighborhoods, all nestled in the grapes! A few early morning images to wet your appetite for a little weekend trip…enjoy!

IMG_4047adj IMG_4058adj IMG_4087adj IMG_4104adj IMG_4107adj IMG_4119adj IMG_4131adj IMG_4150adj IMG_4151adj IMG_4165adj IMG_4172adj IMG_4181adj IMG_4188adj IMG_4190adj We finished our lovely weekend with breakfast in charming downtown Livermore.  The buffet breakfast at the Alehouse has the most amazing omelets! And, if you’re in the mood to relax over coffee…don’t miss Panama Red coffee right across the street:

IMG_4220adj IMG_4221adjIMG_4219adj

We were fortunate to have a personal guide in my sweet niece…if you’d like to check out “the other wine country” for yourself  find out more at:

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