Wandering Through a Christmas Tree Farm!

One of the wonderful things about Wine Country is the abundance of home grown businesses that cater to families generation after generation. Our family tradition is to get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  It was nostalgic this season to return to the same tree farm where we first took our daughter as a little girl. She had her husband and their new baby with us this time.  At 1 month old the baby wasn’t up for cutting down the tree yet, but it was exciting to introduce her to the people who had owned the farm since we first visited nearly 20 years ago!

Come along as we visit the Victorian Christmas Tree Ranch in Sebastopol, Calif.  They have so much more to see than trees!


Like beautiful poinsettias and wreaths….

After getting a special tree saw, customers set off to walk through the forest looking for just the right tree!

Don’t forget your camera…it’s a great place to get a perfect photo your family Christmas card!

The kids will enjoy seeing the animals and farm equipment…

If you don’t want to cut your own they have pre-cut trees that are picture perfect..

Whatever you pick, the men will cut off the lower branches to fit your stand, trim the end of the trunk and bag it for a tidy trip home.  (The cut end will absorb water well if you get home within 20-30 mins. Otherwise they advise another fresh cut before you put your tree in water)

You can have a snack while you wait….

Or shop for ornaments to fill out your new tree!

Just another wonderful Wine Country tradition for your family to enjoy from generation to generation!


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