Kayaking the Laguna!

For years I’ve thought about taking my kayak out on the Laguna. But, it has to be flooded and the water high enough to easily reach  a put in point with our rather heavy recreational kayaks! Last Monday the flood waters cooperated and I dragged my husband and our two kayaks out to explore.  Come join us!

The area beyond the fence is usually a big field, so, as you can see, the water is very high and close enough to haul a boat down to the water’s edge at the pull out just before the bridge on Occidental Road and High School Road.

First the boats have to be carried down to the water’s edge…..

Then my boat needed a little help sliding through the mud…good thing I wore my favorite polka dot boots…(a really weird shoe to wear in a kayak!)

Yeah! On the water at last! At this point the water was only about six to eight inches deep but the kayaks will float in five inches so we were fine! Finding the way in around the barbed wire fences was the fun part!

It’s beautiful! Like a huge lake, still and pristine as we glide quietly over the reflected clouds..

….past vineyards and farm land….

and curious farm animals…the little goat came down to the waters edge to check us out!

The dramatic lighting of early morning coupled with the sun playing hide and seek in the clouds made for truly beautiful light!

Along the shore stood this stately egret….

Followed by the sweet song of this tiny sparrow…

Looking upward, the tree tops aren’t as far above us since the water is part way up the trunks this time of year!

Up ahead a leafless tree serves as a water way hotel for a group of cormorants….

Only a few of whom stuck around as we paddled up for a closer look!

Having headed south for a while we decided to turn around and explore the laguna north of the bridge …

Being careful not to flip our boats when paddling over partly submerged barbed wire! The scrapping sound it produces strikes fear in my heart!

The shore line on this side of the bridge looks more like autumn than winter with the rusty colors reflected in the waters of the Laguna…

A little further along and the blue sky re-emerges and the green pastures slide by….

Oh this is definitely the life! (Actually I just had to get my poor feet out of the small space inside my boat since it’s not made for these big old boots and my legs were going numb!)

After that ominous scrapping sound happened again we started checking the water for submerged wire before crossing a suspected fence! It’s hard to keep on a path when you can’t see it!

After two hours of paddling we were tired and hungry so breakfast at the Pine Cone Cafe in Sebastopol  while playing a mind strengthening game of Bananagrams was just the thing! We are truly blessed in this beautiful area of Wine Country to have nature to explore and good food to eat! The forecast was for more rain though so I couldn’t resist a quick run out to the Laguna two days later before work. A little more rain made a world of difference:

The flooding on Sanford Road was fun to drive through…I love it when the water splashes up both sides of the car! It was more fun when I had kids to squeal with delight but it’s fun alone too!

The water was so high there was no mud left to drag my boat through….if I’d ever thought of playing hookie today was the day!….(I didn’t …..I was at my desk by 9am!)

So much water….such beauty….

Early morning light, fluffy clouds, cold crisp air….”Nature is the Art of God”-Dante

I leave you with this last image of the aftermath of a winter storm….I’d name it, ” I want to live here”……have a lovely day…..I hope you enjoyed the trip along the Laguna de Santa Rosa….my favorite spot in all of Sonoma County!

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