Downtown Petaluma -The Old is New!

IMG_0016 WEBSteamer Gold Wall

All that’s left of our favorite restaurant, Steamer Gold. How can it be that old, John had his bachelor party there!

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2 Responses to IMG_0016 WEBSteamer Gold Wall

  1. Danny Williams says:

    Do you sell your photos? My in-laws got engaged at Steamer Gold and my wife and I would love to frame this picture for them as a gift.


    • dljones_wpadmin says:

      Hi Danny, My husband had his bachelor party at Steamer Gold which is why I love the image too! Let me know what size you would like. Anything over 8×10 needs to be printed on gator board so it frames well or we do canvas as well. Let me know what you’re thinking and I’ll get you some prices!
      Thanks, Donna

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